Friday, June 8, 2012

The FIRST Blogger Post (MUST READ!!)

This Should have been one of those 1st blogger posts ..
You know like the Clichéd one's
Something like this... 

"Jagshemesh .. Imma BORAT..Thhis iss my 1st Block Post ...
 Goat Blessphemy me.. and I wish , I get in tuchh with many gals form U S and A .. and thei let me have the 'Sexy Time' with dhem, 
Hehe .. Nothy Nothy.. hehe Hi-5"

(The extract above is only understandable If One has seen Borat )

But Truth be Told I'v actually done that before.. A first fancy stereotype post..
On the previous blog on Tumblr..
Here, Take a Look

First Words On The Tumblr

Anyway The reasons why I would migrate from Tumblr to Blogger would be....

1]   Non Reader Friendly

2]   You have a Blueberry Shot ... Lots of Blurberry shots...
then put a finger in your mouth ..
Deep enough so that, you vomit...
Now look at your Blue Vomit..
Thats exactly what the Dashboard Of Tumblr... looks like ..

3]  You are never going to find a perfect Theme for your account..!
Reincarnate .. Take 2 lives if you want.. You still wont find a proper theme for your Tumblr..
i.e. Ofcourse if you're looking for a free theme ..
There are some pretty darn good one's that cost you..!

4]  Tumblr doesnt not allow me to follow any other blog.. other than Tumblr's
But Blogger gives me that Liberty

 5] ...  and lastly... Tumblr...? What kinda name is Tumblr??
If i was a Plumber .. and I had a Son .. and I'd want him to carry on with the Plumbing legacy.. I still wont name him Tumblr..!
Even if he was a bastard child of my wife..!
That would be Ripping Cruel.

So I'm gonna be backing up with my posts from the Tumblr blog.. Its gonna show the same date..!

Later.. :)

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