Sunday, June 10, 2012


Ghatkopar Station... Platform number 1, Last pillar just around the Ladies Coach ... 
There lies a little Curb .. Where the first person i loved, grabbed my hand so tight ... that was above all the Leisure .. all the intimacy, we ever Had ..

That for me.. was above all the fortune, known to mankind!!

To think .. now it feels like it just happend yestrday, ... but the incident occured in 2009 on August 7th... 6:30.

I barely went ghatkopar after that ... the place haunted me... still does a lil bit and even if i did, i barely went 2 That Curb ... and whenever i DID go to That Curb ... i REMEMBER it... like Dated remember it..!

The reason behind me bringing that up is ... Weneva I've been to That Curb on the station platform .. i.e. atleast in 6 months... 

I figure out the way i have changed since then. The way i've nurtured myslf .. The way I've sabotaged myself.. The way I've developed ... or the way I've degraded .. The way i 've Grown up... or do I even look like 1 ... ?? ( SO FAR NOTT )

Am i still in love with her ... or have i moved on?

By Comparing My Present with the Past and The Later Past .. as in the [The Previous Time] I was there.. and the [1st time on 7th August, 2009when it happened ..!

I use that particular event as a Landmark ... that solves the purpose of a SHRINK in my life ...
I have noticed it leads to the actual Math of life ... [ (What you are today)-(what you were Back then],

What you get is the change that occured ... See what does it look like?

You've Gained? ...Lost?

What does the graph of it look like..? Does it RISE? Does it FALL? is it a CURVE?
or is it irregular like THE HEART BEAT?

Whatever the outcome is ... it gives you an element that helps you what to look forward to, when you're past it this time..

Any Event... Be it a Place... an Occasion... Be It a Person.. Anything that has/had MOVED you for a while ..!

Let that moment .. that Event, be a STARTING LINE to a completely New Race in life.. and after every LAP ... You look and analyze your Performance... You will certainly realize .. when you've reached THE FINISH LINE ... i.e. when you're content with yourself.

This is an exercise that your Mind does, ...and you're not even aware of it. It just gets overlooked... But when you notice it happening... You can have a deeper view to this thing... and can make a note of it..

Now.. Apart from the Gain or Loss ... There are a few Exceptions in this case... that one comes across... 


Not exceptions exactly... Lets say Applications Of The Checkpoint Theory... explained in 3 forms/phases

1. Awakening

2. Neutral State

3. Void State


A Phaze where witnessing someone's conquests at ONE time, you realize.. where do you stand.. and make a proper path for yourself. 

When you FEEL the repercussions of your Actions .. A.K.A EPIPHANY

I'll Explain it with a very adequate example..

I have a friend here .. who stays behind my building ... in the Slums ... ages 37, has 2 wives, each bearing 2 kids ..

Leaves his Home.. at 7 in the morning .. sits near a Tea Shop, and makes very vehement attempt to flirt any gal or lady passing by..

Drives and earns 9k ... Gets over with his Driving at 6, then he goes n gets Drunk....!

He returns home at Midnight and God knows what PLAY he puts on at his Home.

Since one week he had been noticing something weird about his Elder son of all four.. WHO AGED 17

He was suspicious of his whereabouts .. He explained him as an introvert .. who was never social, but was a LOT outdoors these days..

Somebody spilled the beans.. that he had been delivering Newspaper in the morning, and was working as a Data-Entry employee everyday after college ..

When he was acquinted with this news, and was in a turmoil of emotions.. He came across another NEWSFLASH that day .. that His wives were working too. They were Maids, and worked behind his Back ..

He goes home that day, DRUNK AGAIN with a certain rage assuring himself... that he's going to appetite his own PLAY.. that he puts on everyday.
But when he enters his place, He Watches his kids n realizes, that all of his kids, had been wearing the particular 2 pair of clothes for over a time span he could not even recollect.
He did not say a word.. Went to bed, pretending to be asleep.. but stayed up all night. 

Every Deed was of his was Magnified and came back to him that night ...

Quoting him
"At the age when i got married(i.e. 17) n was roaming around with no job.. My Son throwing newspapers, Goin college, Doing a 2nd job.. is working full time.. n i felt my 9000 bucks ws FILLING n FEEDING my Family"
... In a week he got rid of the driving Job... He works as a peon at a Hospital now and is a Night Guard at one of the ATM's ...
The Fact that we get to see very Rare of him ... showcases his INCARNATION ... or THE AWAKENING that got him out of his kakoon


After you complete your LAP(s) .. when you notice that theres has not been any change in your Way of Living or Status quo ... we term that as Neutral phaze ... 

You may be satisfied by the way it is You may Not Be ... Either you're not bothered .. or you just cant help it ...

At This point, you might just realize, you've been going through with the same routine, for a very very long time... and you certainly need a change

If you've been a Workoholic employee, for quite a long time.. you defintely need a holiday.. 

You Realize for a long time you've been fooling around, with No Strings Attached.. You make a serious move towards that relationship.

If you've been working as a vagabond all your life, you plan to settle down .. 

Whatever it is ... break the regular routine, FOR A CHANGE

If you're Content with the inertia, that your life is in .. KEEP AT IT ..  


The Absence Of That Particular person ... who made, that Event momentous ... which you now consider as Checkpoint... is what gets a person in VOID State ... 

Be it a Lover at Nariman's ... 

The ONLY Donut shop you went with your Father ... 

A Friend At a College Reunion .. 

You may be Way Better in Life at that moment, than you were back then... but nothing in the 
world can fill that VOID, that you feel at that moment.

You maybe able to change that, maybe not.. but if there's any way you can FEEL that Void, and you can FILL it .. Dont Leave that leaf Unturned...


For me it is a Daily exercise now... For an Instance.. The neighbours kid ... when he had his 1st milk tooth broken .. and when he did all the crying and mourning... It brought back my memories of that time ... that even at that age, my major concern was that 'I'm gonna be a bachelor forever' ... and the way i was pampered ...

These lil moments do bring a smile... Look out for them ..

Totally Works with the Optimists .. J

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