Saturday, June 16, 2012

लोपदगामिनी द्वार

Do this, atleast once in ur lifetime ...

Get on a Fast Mumbai Local Train .. which will not halt for atleast 4 stations.

Stand at the Door..!

Face Towards the direction the Train is moving ..

Now, because The Train is not going to halt for next 4 stations.. it picks up extreme speed.

Your Hair is carressed backwards..

Your clothing shivers like its caught Pneumonia

You can barely open your eyes ..(Make sure.. you still have to look Forward.. The direction in which the train was moving)

The Train travels so fast.. Its like you're in one of those Time Travelling Machines..

Like, When the train stops.. It'll be 2030..
Speaking of.. 
Ever thought what would it be like..!

If I were to picture it ... I'd imagine 2030 would be a Conclusive Year .. Conclusion to the Big Shot Conundrums, this year... will be a Done Deal by 2030

For example ...
*=*The Biggest Mystery On TV .. and amongst everyone, who live on Sitcoms ...
How did Ted Fucking meet his children's Mother...

Soo this is how I see it.. 
In 2030,
Ted's daughter is Strangling Ted to death, coz after all the blabbering.. all the Irrelevant crap bout his Lame group.. All the Bro Code.. PlayBook.. Broath.. Lemon Law.. More laws and amendments than there are in the Constitution..
Their Hook ups.. Break Ups .. Patch Ups.. that had remotely nothing to do with her mother..
Now, Ted tells her..
He does not know her mother .. It was just another random girl he banged during Barney's just another Masquerade party .. after they were drunk
To make the sex, more kinky.. They never removed their masks.
And at some random day ..
After a year ...
A Baby is dropped at his door .. 
Like Mail..

*=* THE WINTER FINALLY CAME ...! #GameOfThrones

*=* Two and a half Men .. are Finally THREE COMPLETE MEN

*=* Manmohan Singh died long back ..
Cause of Death:- Viral Throat Infection
Nobody knew he was suffering from it .. Not even his Family.. coz apparently the symptoms include 'Inconvenience in talking .. Hoarseness of Voice .. Unclear Vocals'..!

The Present Prime Minister is Chamaar Abdullah ..
Omar Abdullah's Evil Cousin.
Rahul Gandhi still having a blast at the Dalits.. Free Food, Free stay, Free Dalit Sex

*=* Apple CEO Tim Cook also Dead ..
Cause of Death:- Piles ..
That cursed CEO Chair .. eats people ..
Apple still releases iOS 99

*=* Aishwarya Rai never got slimmer after childbirth..
Abhishek Bachchan convincing her daughter.. that LIC Agent was'nt his primary career from the beginning .. 
He was an actor for real in the past ..!

*=* Sachin Tendulkar Retired long back ...!
After Rajya sabha membership .. He is now the 'Nagar Sevak' of Kaju Pada, Kurla.
Not really..!  No..! Just Kiddin ^_- 
Its Indira Nagar..!
I know .. Posh..

and yeaa Kambli still bitches over it ..!

*=* People still eating each other up over Manchester United and Chelsea FC ...
and India still did not make it to Football.
Their FIFA ranking goes parallel with the ageing of the Salvatore Brothers ..! #VampireDiaries
Last Time i checked in 2011 .. Salvatore Brothers were 162 yrs old .. So was India's FIFA ranking.. and its been 18 years since then.
Do the Math

The Fictional way of doing this, Imagining things, while standing at the Coach Door.. is Fun ..
Big Time.

and I've had my part of fun doing this a lodda times ..
At times .. Its Time travel ..
At times .. I convince myself.. I'm Flying.. like BuzzLightyear

2 ∞ & →

by just bending a lil 90 deg. towards the door.
It also gives it that metaphoric feel, of 'Azzad Parinde' ... #FreeBird #Udaan #Pankh #YourMom #NasalHair #IDonnoWhatAmITypingAnymore 


At times .. Just Singing
Sing out loud ..
Ofcourse when there are a few/no people around..
When you sing it, facing in the direction The Train is going ..
The wind kinda reverberates back the sound .. and it gives an acoustic feel to it ..
That makes you both ... The वक्ता/गायक and The श्रोता ..! which is like sooo Khool.. :D

Moreover.. I sing songs that have had a [Travelling sequence/ Lyrics Pertaining to a Travel] in the Movie ..

Hum jo chalne lagey.. chalne lagey hai yeh raaste

Raahi ka toh Kaam hai Chalta hi jaye

Yeh Hawayein.. Gun Gunaein, Pooche Tu Hai Kahan?

Do Pal Ruka.. Khabon ka Carvan..

Above All ..

Gaadi Bula Rahi Hai .. Seeti Bajaa Rahi hai .. Chalna hi zindgi hai ..chalti hi jaa rahi hai
(No! Actually.. Not Above All.. Infact have heard just once... )

This Verbal Playlist .. at times is a Ball for me .. during my 30 minute Train Travel ..

Childlike? Amateur? Lame?

One can term it whatever they wish like ..
but I admit .. I'm a 'Fancy Day Dreamer' ..!


There was just this One time .. when things went quite differently..!

In a pretty upset mood ..
I Get in The Train at 11:30..

Standing at the door of the coach ..
Facing the Same direction .. As always...
Dealing with the Same Speed.. As always...

Song Playing in my Earpiece

Abhi Na Jao, Chodd kar.. Ke dil Abhi Bharaa Nahi

in a very dim volume ..

Was not really listening to the song .. but, it was still keepin me in peace ..

I started to look around. .
*=*A Man walking on the Railway Track... lost in his space .. (Weird Man Cave)

*=* Men fixing tracks .. in this poor heat .. what will they get by the end of the day? About 300-500 bucks .. Enough to feed a family ??

*=* People Pooping on side tracks

*=* An Old Man eating stuff out of the Garbage

A station passes by..

*=* A Group of Folks .. are chilling while they wait for their train to come ..
*=* A Shop with a young kid .. who must be 8 or 9 by age
*=* A Lady Police officer crying by the Pillar at the end of the platform


Inside The Train

*=* Women begging with their babies
*=* A 5 yr Old begging with 3yr old AND approx a 6 mnth baby ..!
*=* A Wannabe, in Monkey-Wash jeans .. Duplicate Rayban Glares
A Lame Ed Hardy T shirt.. with EdHardy Stiched on it.. making every deliberate attempt to get a girl.. but wont ever get one..!
*=* A Guy on the phone, calling out his galfrnd with weird nicknames .. possibly having his 1st relationship.. which he's pretty much gonna Fuck up..!
(Marshall and Lily are Fictional)
*=* An man in his 30's ... keepin to himself.. who was tormented by his wife again for Money( 'Expenses' - in their Currency )

EveryOne of us .. carry a story on our backlog ..
While Looking around.. when you come across just one story, that makes yours look petty
in Comparison ..

You wanna turn back and take another good look at it.

But its too late.. 
There's always this limited window to everything ..
Explaining this metaphorically by The Train example..!
In that Speed of that Train ... I could only catch a Glimpse of everything that I mentioned above ..
For barely 3-5 seconds ..
Ofcourse except the one's that were in the Train..
A Small Limited window of Time, and Opportunity
You could either Grab it .. or You could just Stand by .. and mourn about it..

Whatever you do .. Keeps you to the Hang of it for the rest of your life ..

Soo You either stand at the Coach door ..


Just Pull the Chain ... Stop the Train

Monday, June 11, 2012

IF ONLY... I had a Firm Mind ..!

MAY 5, Apocalyptic Year(Rumoured)

Back home.... at 9:00 P.M(T.V. Primetime), from "The Avengers"

The Movie that was most awaited ..

The kinda Movie.. that sorta gives you an adrenaline kick ...


Sitting on my chair, in my room... I Sulk thinking of everyone.. The Hulk.. Iron Man.. Thor.. Hawkeye..

Everybody and Everything, that may have possibly accelerated my pulse rate, that very moment.. while I ws watching the movie..

and While I'm still chuckling over the part.. Where Hulk beats the Shit outta Loki .. 

Cartoonized image of the shot from the Movie

I keep *tilting my head down*...

I see a Notebook on my lap.. and i get a series of realisations...

Firstly, I sat NOT to fancy the Black "HotWidow... BUT to study...

Second...  My Father did warn me.... that i'd be in the midst of the movie for real long.. jeopardizing the 'Rhythm' of my preparation...

Even though my exams were to start in a week ...

I Had  NO... What we call as 'Pre-examination jitters' in laymen terms..

I mean i do get scared.. I'm Null and Void with my preparation... but I'm just soo lazy to make an effort.. For a change..

Perpetuating a Turtle Stereotype... Thats Me..!

For the Heck of exams... I'm staring at the book now ... like a Scarecrow on a cropfield ... OR like a Dragonfly or a Damselfly(who have cylindrical eyeballs so dey can't move their eyeballs.. soo you kinda poop your pants, when they stare you )...
Trying NOT to not think about THE awesome flick, I just lived.

I Start Murmering....

"An Atom in a Lower energy state E1.. may absorb the incident photon, and get excited to energy state E2.."
"An Atom in a Lower energy state E1.. may absorb the incident photon, and get excited to energy state E2 .."
(goes through WhatsApp messages on phone)

..."An Atom.. An Atom .. "
  *sneaks in the Book*
" a Lower energy state E1 may absorb an incident excited state...."

In Just about 5 minutes... I'm back with the glimpses of the movie again ..
and this time.. Not another Look at the Book...!

While I'm talking about it... i just recollect how Wake Up Sid! started the very same way..
Infact I really feel that Me and Siddharth mehra(Sid) are soo much alike .. except he's richer and has better hair.

Otherwise Ditto^

Anyway, So by 10:15,

I get a text on my phone reminding me of the Chelsea-Liverpool FA Cup Final, which I had completely forgotten..

So I stood up the chair .. threw my book on the table and walked towards the TV room..

As i reached the door... Out of Pity and Despair for myself.. I come back and pick my book.. and take it with me!

As i switched the match on.. Chelsea had already scored a goal.. Ramires scored it for Blue's.. and Half time was only 3 minutes away

So Its Half Time....
and According to the general drill..

If one has the book with 'em while watching something like THIS.. they are supposed to study during breaks.. and half time's.

I looked at my watch and it shows 10:23...

Soo of all days in a year .. Exams are those Holy days .. I get superstitious about..!

Coz starting up on an odd time like this, did'nt feel good to me.. and I thought,
The Goddess Of Wisdom and Prosperity might just get annoyed and furious, coz I neglect the importance of knowledge, and I feel, I cn start up at whatsoever time, i feel like ..

(Above statement is fictious, It has no resemblance to reality whatsoever.... :D)

Soo i plan to start at 10:30, an Even Rounded-off Time..

So meanwhile i switch channels, and i see 'The Dark Knight' is on.. Which needless to say .. stopped my swapping of channels..

The harvey dent-joker hospital scene..
One of my Many favourite scenes from the movie.. 

The Harvey Dentt- Joker Hospital Scene
JOKER-"Upset the established order and everything becomes Chaos..
           I'm an agent of Chaos...
           Oh.. and you know the thing about chaos... Its Fair
" ...

By the time the hospital blew up(i.e. when the scene ends..)
I din notice that 10:30 had passed away...(not that i intended to)
So now what i do is i just mark myself another time on the Clock..
Another 'Rounded-Off Even Tym'
and this nested process of rounding off time .. see's its fate as the Half Time of the Game ends..!

Game Starts..!
Very Vibrant.. Impish play by Liverpool...
Didier drogba still manages to score another one for chelsea..
That makes 2 fo chelsea..
Andy Caroll from Liverpool enters d game and scores form 1 for Liverpool...
But In The End, The Blues take it..!

Very Intriguing Game. I dont remember Blinking my eye...  
soo Studying was way outta question.

Blue's Holding The FA Cup.. after winning

I watched it till the very end .. till they lifted the Cup..
*Bliss* :)
Now It was 12:30 on the clock.[ An Even Rounded Off Time ]
I switched off the T.V. .. sat there, thinking... Now i should study.. I MUST study ... Atleast A BIT..!

So #NowBlabbering

"An Atom in a Lower energy state E1.. may absorb the incident photon, and get excited to energy state E2 "
"An Atom... in a Lower energy...." (looks for some paper scrap around) .. "Lower energy may absorb an incident .."
(Tears a Strip of paper from the back of The Book... )
"An Atom in a Lower energy state E1.. may absorb the incident photon, and get excited to energy state E2 "( Voice gets dimmer)

writes his name in 8 different patterns.)

...*squealing of the defination stops* ...

...My cell rings...
A certain part in me that wishes its God calling up to say " Get Out Bitch... You're excused today as well" ..( Chetan Bhagat "One Night At Call Centrer" Shit )
But even better..
It was the gal.. I'd been hitting on for a while..
Her Text- " Hey.. I'm Bored.. you free? you can talk?? "
My Reply- ... Oh! yes ofcourse..!!  .. I'm Free... Totally.."
She called.
The Conversation lasted for for like 2 hours
After all the shmuck, n sappy talk when i keep the fone down .. I see that mute paper bitch a.k.a The Book .. staring at me again!

I felt i gotta study now atleast ... I have to.. coz if it goes like this .. I Flunk for sure! ..
But every fibre in my body wants to sleep rite now at 2:30[ Again... An Even Rounded-off time ]
But i still open the book..
And I'm Muttering again…

"An Atom in a Lower.." .... "This is Crap.. I'm going to bed.."
While I'm in Bed ... Gazing the Orient "RotatingPSPO... on the ceiling..
I feel remorse.. for have wasted another day ...
I make a promise to myself that Tomorrow morning is a fresh start ...
I'v fooled around enough .. So much that even a 20 hr study schedule cannot make up for it..!
I'm gonna get up at 6:00 A.M. and start from scratch ...

I get up from my place set an alarm for 6:00 am ... and then Sleep in Peace..!

But, The Whole Skit never turns out the way its planne the Next Morning ...
The Truth is... that i made the same promise to myself At Night .. AGAIN...
I literally got up the bed .. and set an alarm for early morning ... AGAIN..
The Alarm Clock gets Trolled the following morning ... Again n Again n AGAIN...!
Infact i make a laugh about it every morning ... that how did I possibly even think .. i'd get up at 6 o' clock... TO STUDY... Tats possible in No Parallel Or Antiparallel Universe

When I'm Free from all this shit, I get real choosy about my Routine, Hangout, ... PEOPLE to hang out with..!

But at times like these, Anyone or anything that saves me from This ....
is God send to me..

Coz, sometimes I'm just staring at that thing for like hours.. but nothing gets in..

Like my conscious mind and my subconscious mind are nailing somebody back there, all the time.. Medulla Oblongata maybe ( I'v owayz felt... its a perfect porn name)

I really wish i get one of those tablets from Bradley Cooper's movie 'Limitless' .. where everything he's even just glanced once in his life.. becomes his Primary memory ....

Bat Shit Cool .. huh?? :D

Its not that i'm a shithead ... I'm good and intellect at soo many levels. .
Its just that the slightest distraction is all i need to get carried away...
Today it is Avengers, FA Cup, n Phone Calls ..
Tomorrow, it may be Poker, Pool and Booze..

I simply Lack conviction n determination to get this thing over with .. and why do i Lack it??

JE NE SAIS PAS!! (French)

But I strongly feel ... like Madness.. even determination is like gravity ...
All it needs is a lil push ..

Maybe the kind of push that Billy madison was given, by his Teacher/Galfriend :p

A Proper Noun

First working day of Std. 10th.. 

Free Lecture

I'm sitting wid a few folks around me... who are keenly listening about my trip to Colombo.. which I never made..

Cut pasting the data given by my father to me... Who recently made that trip..  While I'm talking about the markets of Colombo...

A dude calls me by patting on my back...

When I turn ..

He asks me something .. that was a 'Second Opinion' thingy to him... and to 6 other people with him who were discussing it.

But for me was a real 'OnTheEdgeOfTheCliff-SayItRight-Or-RottInHellquestion....

He asked me "Hey, How do you pronounce it? 'Addy-ddaas' or  'Aadi-Daas' (ADIDAS) ?


All 6 staring at me, 3 with mouth wide open..

A sweat drop just passes through the back of the ear whispering "I cant see this... I'm outta here"

*Silence awaiting my reply*

and I mutter softly "Addy-ddaas?"... "Uh.. Addy-ddaas! :-|"(Faking confidence)

4 outta the 6 pack agreed ... and Bliss pumped through my Veins...!

The mystery/charade behind me [Having a Literal Panic Attack/ Nervous Breakdown/ Pissing my pants], when it comes to pronounciation brain teasers, goes way back..!

Initially when I joined the school in 4th grade... I came from a lower middle class family.. who was not acquainted with the way things go around in a school like this one...

About the drill that goes around here ..

It was a totally different crowd for me... A bit more intellectual .. a bit more egoistic.. a bit more of everything that stereotype's a Student, on a whole.. 

BUT me being gregarious.. I would want to be a part of any discussion, that was on.

During which i would pronounce some names, in a way that, It would all be over for me.. That would make my fellowites take an oath to mock me for eternity..

For e.g.
'Shawn Paul' .. becomes 'Seen Paul' (SEAN PAUL),
'Thierry Hon-rybecomes 'Theory Hen-riee' (THIERRY HENRY)

(These two just come straight to my mind

Both pronounciations literally spelt considering their spellings ...!

Back then.. Sean Paul's Temperature was a new and a hot number ..

and Thierry Henry was in sparkling form playing for Arsenal, NOT Barcelona ....

Too bad i could'nt pronounce either of them .. L

Music, Cinema and football were the Base preferrential topics we discussed in school...

and All of 'em had tricky tongue teasers..!

Anyway.. I was the ONE, who could'nt pronounce THE Sean Paul...

So I wouldnt even dare attempt  Paul McCartney, Evanesence, or Bjork Gudmundsdottir(I did not make that up)

Then there was this Rock band named 'Styx'. I never knew how do i pronounce it..
'Sticks' Or 'Sty:ks'

Thats why 5 points to AC/DC for a simple sublime Band Name

I would literally pronounce the Black Eyed Peas female Vocals Fergie as ,
[FUR-JEE].. Yes ... I made her sound like a State Entrance exam..
and when I later learn, it wasnt 'Fur-Jee' but 'Fur-Gee' ...

Just coz, I was Used to say 'Furjee'...

'Furgee' would sound, weird and pathetic to me...

But with time .. Furgee started to sound Catchy .. n FurJee ... Kinky :-|
Speaking of Fergie...

It would always puzzle me how to Pronounce Manchester United Manager’s name that was 'Sir Alex Ferguson'

Was it 'Alex Fur(JOO)son or Alex Fur(GYU)son??

Then When I saw THE TIMES OF INDIA, An Authentic newspaper naming him as 'Fergie' ...


Estaba en paz(spanish) .. :)

From Cinema ... The First name that comes to my mind.. that i could write but could never pronounce was ... Arnold Schwarzenegger ... 

Then there's Kim Basinger..pronounced as BAY-singer .. n not "Bass-Singer"

Cate Blanchett..pronounced as 'BLANCH-it' ... and Not "Blanket" or "BLANCH-ett"

Martin Scorsese ... as 'Score-SES-eeeee' .. Not anything that makes it sound like a Bladder disease.. 

Another dilemma I get to face is The Brand Names ...

It has always been a challenge

Its been quite a conundrum to me, as to how different does NIKE become.. If I pronounce it as 'Naik'
(Honoring a marathi martyr) instead of 'Naai-Key'(The Rightly Claimed One)..

LEVIS .. for 'Lae-Viss', and not 'Lee-Wise'
(As the Swagger's pronounce it, when they get One of these)

The other day at the Airport...

I was on call with my Father... He asked me on the phone
-"Which hand bag have you taken with you?"
-"Jeen frann-sois(JEAN FRANCOISPapa" (Regardless of how it sounds.. I jst wanted him to know that I had this XYZ bag..! )

When i Hung Up
A voice came outta sumwer "zhawn Fran-swaw "
I looked around...
It was the guy sitting beside me in the Boarding Area..
I gave him a Pale look..
Asshole repeated himself .. "Its not the way you said .. It is Zhawn franswaw"
It really pissed me .. that jst coz that OCD basterd had nuthin to do... so he had ears on me..!
Now ... One can mock somebody over this as much as they are unaccountable for ...
But noone gets this .. that this practise is soo Incorrigible

bcoz all of these names I pronounce incorrectly are PROPER NOUNS

People pronounce 'proper nouns' in many different ways...

Typically, there is one correct or accepted way of pronouncing the word...

However.. sometimes, there is a division about it.

Often, too, people pronounce words differently based on their dialect and their home area.

For example ...
MTV VJ and RJ Jose Covaco ... pronounces his name 'Hoezaay' coz its a Mexican name.. and its pronounced there that way...
but generally who ever has their name Jose in India pronounce it as Joe-cee...
That’s Mexican Dialect.
Mexicans also pronounce 'Angel' as 'An-ghael'

Then.. Richard is pronounced as 'Rich-urd' all over the world ... whereas the Russians pronounce it as 'Rikard(Source:- The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo)

There's a friend of mine .. on twitter who stays in Louisville, Kentucky
He also says ... that there many people, who pronounce Louisville as 'Loo-wee-ville' ,
While others pronounce it as 'Loo-uh-vul' .

Then there was a reference in 'TLC- Travel n Living Channel' bout a place in Richmond, VA, where there's this Powhite Parkway.
I noticed some people pronounce Powhite as 'po-white'
while others as 'Pow-hite' more like 'Pow-height'

Now these are people of the same community and vicinity.

There a lotta other references .. whose pronounciations .. differ unanimously ... differing as per the Area..(Where, Area ranges from a Small Community to a Country)

Like Porsche ...
Porsche is pronounced as 'Por-schhh' in India and many places ..
but German's pronounce it as 'Porsch-aaa'

CHAMPAGNE in France is literally pronounced as 'Chamm-Paag-ney'.

Above All ...The Word Pronounciation is pronounced different in different countries ... Some places its .. 'Pruh-nun-cia-shun' and otherwise 'Pro-Noun-Cia-Tion [Not That 'Pronounciation' is a proper noun... It was just a Conclusive gesture for the post]

On that note... I'd like to express this heartfelt regret that I have... for not making up the point of A Proper Noun.. back then..
It Could've saved me a lotta .. I donno .....'Something' (For The Lack Of A Better Word) :D ..

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Ghatkopar Station... Platform number 1, Last pillar just around the Ladies Coach ... 
There lies a little Curb .. Where the first person i loved, grabbed my hand so tight ... that was above all the Leisure .. all the intimacy, we ever Had ..

That for me.. was above all the fortune, known to mankind!!

To think .. now it feels like it just happend yestrday, ... but the incident occured in 2009 on August 7th... 6:30.

I barely went ghatkopar after that ... the place haunted me... still does a lil bit and even if i did, i barely went 2 That Curb ... and whenever i DID go to That Curb ... i REMEMBER it... like Dated remember it..!

The reason behind me bringing that up is ... Weneva I've been to That Curb on the station platform .. i.e. atleast in 6 months... 

I figure out the way i have changed since then. The way i've nurtured myslf .. The way I've sabotaged myself.. The way I've developed ... or the way I've degraded .. The way i 've Grown up... or do I even look like 1 ... ?? ( SO FAR NOTT )

Am i still in love with her ... or have i moved on?

By Comparing My Present with the Past and The Later Past .. as in the [The Previous Time] I was there.. and the [1st time on 7th August, 2009when it happened ..!

I use that particular event as a Landmark ... that solves the purpose of a SHRINK in my life ...
I have noticed it leads to the actual Math of life ... [ (What you are today)-(what you were Back then],

What you get is the change that occured ... See what does it look like?

You've Gained? ...Lost?

What does the graph of it look like..? Does it RISE? Does it FALL? is it a CURVE?
or is it irregular like THE HEART BEAT?

Whatever the outcome is ... it gives you an element that helps you what to look forward to, when you're past it this time..

Any Event... Be it a Place... an Occasion... Be It a Person.. Anything that has/had MOVED you for a while ..!

Let that moment .. that Event, be a STARTING LINE to a completely New Race in life.. and after every LAP ... You look and analyze your Performance... You will certainly realize .. when you've reached THE FINISH LINE ... i.e. when you're content with yourself.

This is an exercise that your Mind does, ...and you're not even aware of it. It just gets overlooked... But when you notice it happening... You can have a deeper view to this thing... and can make a note of it..

Now.. Apart from the Gain or Loss ... There are a few Exceptions in this case... that one comes across... 


Not exceptions exactly... Lets say Applications Of The Checkpoint Theory... explained in 3 forms/phases

1. Awakening

2. Neutral State

3. Void State


A Phaze where witnessing someone's conquests at ONE time, you realize.. where do you stand.. and make a proper path for yourself. 

When you FEEL the repercussions of your Actions .. A.K.A EPIPHANY

I'll Explain it with a very adequate example..

I have a friend here .. who stays behind my building ... in the Slums ... ages 37, has 2 wives, each bearing 2 kids ..

Leaves his Home.. at 7 in the morning .. sits near a Tea Shop, and makes very vehement attempt to flirt any gal or lady passing by..

Drives and earns 9k ... Gets over with his Driving at 6, then he goes n gets Drunk....!

He returns home at Midnight and God knows what PLAY he puts on at his Home.

Since one week he had been noticing something weird about his Elder son of all four.. WHO AGED 17

He was suspicious of his whereabouts .. He explained him as an introvert .. who was never social, but was a LOT outdoors these days..

Somebody spilled the beans.. that he had been delivering Newspaper in the morning, and was working as a Data-Entry employee everyday after college ..

When he was acquinted with this news, and was in a turmoil of emotions.. He came across another NEWSFLASH that day .. that His wives were working too. They were Maids, and worked behind his Back ..

He goes home that day, DRUNK AGAIN with a certain rage assuring himself... that he's going to appetite his own PLAY.. that he puts on everyday.
But when he enters his place, He Watches his kids n realizes, that all of his kids, had been wearing the particular 2 pair of clothes for over a time span he could not even recollect.
He did not say a word.. Went to bed, pretending to be asleep.. but stayed up all night. 

Every Deed was of his was Magnified and came back to him that night ...

Quoting him
"At the age when i got married(i.e. 17) n was roaming around with no job.. My Son throwing newspapers, Goin college, Doing a 2nd job.. is working full time.. n i felt my 9000 bucks ws FILLING n FEEDING my Family"
... In a week he got rid of the driving Job... He works as a peon at a Hospital now and is a Night Guard at one of the ATM's ...
The Fact that we get to see very Rare of him ... showcases his INCARNATION ... or THE AWAKENING that got him out of his kakoon


After you complete your LAP(s) .. when you notice that theres has not been any change in your Way of Living or Status quo ... we term that as Neutral phaze ... 

You may be satisfied by the way it is You may Not Be ... Either you're not bothered .. or you just cant help it ...

At This point, you might just realize, you've been going through with the same routine, for a very very long time... and you certainly need a change

If you've been a Workoholic employee, for quite a long time.. you defintely need a holiday.. 

You Realize for a long time you've been fooling around, with No Strings Attached.. You make a serious move towards that relationship.

If you've been working as a vagabond all your life, you plan to settle down .. 

Whatever it is ... break the regular routine, FOR A CHANGE

If you're Content with the inertia, that your life is in .. KEEP AT IT ..  


The Absence Of That Particular person ... who made, that Event momentous ... which you now consider as Checkpoint... is what gets a person in VOID State ... 

Be it a Lover at Nariman's ... 

The ONLY Donut shop you went with your Father ... 

A Friend At a College Reunion .. 

You may be Way Better in Life at that moment, than you were back then... but nothing in the 
world can fill that VOID, that you feel at that moment.

You maybe able to change that, maybe not.. but if there's any way you can FEEL that Void, and you can FILL it .. Dont Leave that leaf Unturned...


For me it is a Daily exercise now... For an Instance.. The neighbours kid ... when he had his 1st milk tooth broken .. and when he did all the crying and mourning... It brought back my memories of that time ... that even at that age, my major concern was that 'I'm gonna be a bachelor forever' ... and the way i was pampered ...

These lil moments do bring a smile... Look out for them ..

Totally Works with the Optimists .. J