Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Awkward Coupling

In The Monsoons Evenings of 2010,

The 4th Platform of the Byculla station, Mumbai ...was one of the Romantic Sites...

Clinched to the Benches... Soft drizzle .. erotic weather... The place was a Couple's treat.

They would come there, to do their Hanky-Panky

I once went there to do some ON SALE Shopping, at Byculla, with my Galfriend...  

We generally thought of exploring the Place .. Well.. to see if the rumours wer'nt rumours.. but were Literal Facts

So While coming back, we decided on going to that platform and do both Hanky and Panky  ..! 

So there we were ... 

Approaching to one of the many Benches, on the Platform

Before we sat.. we saw,
 A Couple sitting on the neighbouring bench.

Giggling, Chuckling, Cuddling, Kissing,  Foolin around.. 

Making Love like there was nobody around.. Making love like there's no tomorrow.. :D
Okay, On a serious note.. 
They looked really cute together.

As much as they were a delight to watch...
They were intimidating to us as a couple ..!
Anyway, After a while when we were into 'Us' .. Gazing at each other ... Snogging on the Chilled Bench, in the Monsoon breeze... 

Starting to believe.. everything they said about this place..
Starting to live the feel of it..  

I heard a Noice ...  More like a Spank... 

I just wished and prayed to God... "Oh My Fucking Gawd.. When I turn around.. I just wish He's not started to fuck her" ...! 

And its like The man up there, just listened to me

The Noice heard wasnt a Spank.. or any 'ROMANTIC GESTURE'

It was the sound of a Slap..

The GUY had slapped the gal he was with... 

Our eyes moved at the girl, assuming she'd cry of humiliation, shock, n emotional devastation. 

Well.. We did hear the Crying.. but it came from A Foot left to her.
It was the Guy who hit her.. 

The guy who hit her, was CRYING.. ..

Actually WHINING .. Whining Hysterically ..

Our Jaws Dropped n touched the Floor .. 

In a Minute,  
The Boy Ran Up the Platform    ...Through the skywalk  .. Outta the station.. 

The Gal's still staring at her NORMAL ..  The next minute she's stands up, Puts a Hairclip in her mouth... while she puts her hair Altogether, and *winks* my galfriend while she does that .. 

Then puts her Earplugs at their place .. starts her music. I could hear "Rihanna- take a bow" echoing outside .. and There she steps outta the station ..!  

It was like ... She was having just another Day... 

......*After 5 minutes* 

Our Jaws still on the floor

What we looked like..

..  We could not believe the Paranormal phenomenon that just took place in front of us..!

It was like their souls exchanged or what was it that made us look at a " guy inverse" and a "gal inverse" ..  
That was OFFICIALLY THE WEIRDEST INCIDENT I've ever witnessed ..!

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