Monday, June 11, 2012

IF ONLY... I had a Firm Mind ..!

MAY 5, Apocalyptic Year(Rumoured)

Back home.... at 9:00 P.M(T.V. Primetime), from "The Avengers"

The Movie that was most awaited ..

The kinda Movie.. that sorta gives you an adrenaline kick ...


Sitting on my chair, in my room... I Sulk thinking of everyone.. The Hulk.. Iron Man.. Thor.. Hawkeye..

Everybody and Everything, that may have possibly accelerated my pulse rate, that very moment.. while I ws watching the movie..

and While I'm still chuckling over the part.. Where Hulk beats the Shit outta Loki .. 

Cartoonized image of the shot from the Movie

I keep *tilting my head down*...

I see a Notebook on my lap.. and i get a series of realisations...

Firstly, I sat NOT to fancy the Black "HotWidow... BUT to study...

Second...  My Father did warn me.... that i'd be in the midst of the movie for real long.. jeopardizing the 'Rhythm' of my preparation...

Even though my exams were to start in a week ...

I Had  NO... What we call as 'Pre-examination jitters' in laymen terms..

I mean i do get scared.. I'm Null and Void with my preparation... but I'm just soo lazy to make an effort.. For a change..

Perpetuating a Turtle Stereotype... Thats Me..!

For the Heck of exams... I'm staring at the book now ... like a Scarecrow on a cropfield ... OR like a Dragonfly or a Damselfly(who have cylindrical eyeballs so dey can't move their eyeballs.. soo you kinda poop your pants, when they stare you )...
Trying NOT to not think about THE awesome flick, I just lived.

I Start Murmering....

"An Atom in a Lower energy state E1.. may absorb the incident photon, and get excited to energy state E2.."
"An Atom in a Lower energy state E1.. may absorb the incident photon, and get excited to energy state E2 .."
(goes through WhatsApp messages on phone)

..."An Atom.. An Atom .. "
  *sneaks in the Book*
" a Lower energy state E1 may absorb an incident excited state...."

In Just about 5 minutes... I'm back with the glimpses of the movie again ..
and this time.. Not another Look at the Book...!

While I'm talking about it... i just recollect how Wake Up Sid! started the very same way..
Infact I really feel that Me and Siddharth mehra(Sid) are soo much alike .. except he's richer and has better hair.

Otherwise Ditto^

Anyway, So by 10:15,

I get a text on my phone reminding me of the Chelsea-Liverpool FA Cup Final, which I had completely forgotten..

So I stood up the chair .. threw my book on the table and walked towards the TV room..

As i reached the door... Out of Pity and Despair for myself.. I come back and pick my book.. and take it with me!

As i switched the match on.. Chelsea had already scored a goal.. Ramires scored it for Blue's.. and Half time was only 3 minutes away

So Its Half Time....
and According to the general drill..

If one has the book with 'em while watching something like THIS.. they are supposed to study during breaks.. and half time's.

I looked at my watch and it shows 10:23...

Soo of all days in a year .. Exams are those Holy days .. I get superstitious about..!

Coz starting up on an odd time like this, did'nt feel good to me.. and I thought,
The Goddess Of Wisdom and Prosperity might just get annoyed and furious, coz I neglect the importance of knowledge, and I feel, I cn start up at whatsoever time, i feel like ..

(Above statement is fictious, It has no resemblance to reality whatsoever.... :D)

Soo i plan to start at 10:30, an Even Rounded-off Time..

So meanwhile i switch channels, and i see 'The Dark Knight' is on.. Which needless to say .. stopped my swapping of channels..

The harvey dent-joker hospital scene..
One of my Many favourite scenes from the movie.. 

The Harvey Dentt- Joker Hospital Scene
JOKER-"Upset the established order and everything becomes Chaos..
           I'm an agent of Chaos...
           Oh.. and you know the thing about chaos... Its Fair
" ...

By the time the hospital blew up(i.e. when the scene ends..)
I din notice that 10:30 had passed away...(not that i intended to)
So now what i do is i just mark myself another time on the Clock..
Another 'Rounded-Off Even Tym'
and this nested process of rounding off time .. see's its fate as the Half Time of the Game ends..!

Game Starts..!
Very Vibrant.. Impish play by Liverpool...
Didier drogba still manages to score another one for chelsea..
That makes 2 fo chelsea..
Andy Caroll from Liverpool enters d game and scores form 1 for Liverpool...
But In The End, The Blues take it..!

Very Intriguing Game. I dont remember Blinking my eye...  
soo Studying was way outta question.

Blue's Holding The FA Cup.. after winning

I watched it till the very end .. till they lifted the Cup..
*Bliss* :)
Now It was 12:30 on the clock.[ An Even Rounded Off Time ]
I switched off the T.V. .. sat there, thinking... Now i should study.. I MUST study ... Atleast A BIT..!

So #NowBlabbering

"An Atom in a Lower energy state E1.. may absorb the incident photon, and get excited to energy state E2 "
"An Atom... in a Lower energy...." (looks for some paper scrap around) .. "Lower energy may absorb an incident .."
(Tears a Strip of paper from the back of The Book... )
"An Atom in a Lower energy state E1.. may absorb the incident photon, and get excited to energy state E2 "( Voice gets dimmer)

writes his name in 8 different patterns.)

...*squealing of the defination stops* ...

...My cell rings...
A certain part in me that wishes its God calling up to say " Get Out Bitch... You're excused today as well" ..( Chetan Bhagat "One Night At Call Centrer" Shit )
But even better..
It was the gal.. I'd been hitting on for a while..
Her Text- " Hey.. I'm Bored.. you free? you can talk?? "
My Reply- ... Oh! yes ofcourse..!!  .. I'm Free... Totally.."
She called.
The Conversation lasted for for like 2 hours
After all the shmuck, n sappy talk when i keep the fone down .. I see that mute paper bitch a.k.a The Book .. staring at me again!

I felt i gotta study now atleast ... I have to.. coz if it goes like this .. I Flunk for sure! ..
But every fibre in my body wants to sleep rite now at 2:30[ Again... An Even Rounded-off time ]
But i still open the book..
And I'm Muttering again…

"An Atom in a Lower.." .... "This is Crap.. I'm going to bed.."
While I'm in Bed ... Gazing the Orient "RotatingPSPO... on the ceiling..
I feel remorse.. for have wasted another day ...
I make a promise to myself that Tomorrow morning is a fresh start ...
I'v fooled around enough .. So much that even a 20 hr study schedule cannot make up for it..!
I'm gonna get up at 6:00 A.M. and start from scratch ...

I get up from my place set an alarm for 6:00 am ... and then Sleep in Peace..!

But, The Whole Skit never turns out the way its planne the Next Morning ...
The Truth is... that i made the same promise to myself At Night .. AGAIN...
I literally got up the bed .. and set an alarm for early morning ... AGAIN..
The Alarm Clock gets Trolled the following morning ... Again n Again n AGAIN...!
Infact i make a laugh about it every morning ... that how did I possibly even think .. i'd get up at 6 o' clock... TO STUDY... Tats possible in No Parallel Or Antiparallel Universe

When I'm Free from all this shit, I get real choosy about my Routine, Hangout, ... PEOPLE to hang out with..!

But at times like these, Anyone or anything that saves me from This ....
is God send to me..

Coz, sometimes I'm just staring at that thing for like hours.. but nothing gets in..

Like my conscious mind and my subconscious mind are nailing somebody back there, all the time.. Medulla Oblongata maybe ( I'v owayz felt... its a perfect porn name)

I really wish i get one of those tablets from Bradley Cooper's movie 'Limitless' .. where everything he's even just glanced once in his life.. becomes his Primary memory ....

Bat Shit Cool .. huh?? :D

Its not that i'm a shithead ... I'm good and intellect at soo many levels. .
Its just that the slightest distraction is all i need to get carried away...
Today it is Avengers, FA Cup, n Phone Calls ..
Tomorrow, it may be Poker, Pool and Booze..

I simply Lack conviction n determination to get this thing over with .. and why do i Lack it??

JE NE SAIS PAS!! (French)

But I strongly feel ... like Madness.. even determination is like gravity ...
All it needs is a lil push ..

Maybe the kind of push that Billy madison was given, by his Teacher/Galfriend :p

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