Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Unambitious Martyr A.K.A Indian Women

27 november, 2012

*new girl walks in.*
*drinks water*
*starts running on the treadmill besides mine*
New girl: Hey.
Me: Hi.
Brain : Please just let me run.
NG: So how long have you been gymming?
Me: Two years in total. But this gym an year.
NG: Oh. I just joined.
NG: So what do you do?
Me: Mechanical Engineering.
Brain: I am not asking you any counter questions. Doesn't that make you realize I am more interested in running than talking?
NG: Great!
Brain : I don't think you are getting the clue. *stops running* Okay now let's talk.
Me: So what do you do?
NG: I "used" to run a boutique.
Me: "Used to" is a very sad phrase. Are you married?
NG: Yeah.
Brain: I don't think I can talk to you anymore.
Me: Why did you quit?
NG: I figured my family needed me more.
Me: Oh.
Brain: Right. Brb puking.
*leaves treadmill abruptly and starts doing the spinner.*

I refuse to have conversations or even stand in the vicinity of such a woman. Seriously? Stop making yourself believe that you stopped working or you stopped dreaming because your family needs you. Family needs especially your husband's can be very well met at night after work. "My in-laws don't let me work" is even a stupid-er statement. If only you had the zeal to work and be independent you would have inquired enough before marriage to make such a mistake.

One day when you'll be 40 and lonely with a 20 year old son who has already moved out and your are alone at home waiting for your husband to come home you'll know what I mean. He'll come, order around like he is the only one who works all day long because he can and you allowed him to.
Respect is earned.

And it sure as hell isn't earned by being dependent on somebody.

You did your share when you carried the baby for 9 months in your womb. You don't have to (or make yourself believe) spend your entire life at home looking after him/her like you are the only parent.

Dependency doesn't earn you respect. Maybe sometimes only rebellion does.

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