Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Jog

In the evening when I am back from college, its been happening for past 2 days now. I pull up my socks, wear my running shoes, pick my headphones and I am off. Off to the locality park. The sun's set and only half of the lamps in the park are on. The headphones play "chasing cars" and even though the tempo of the song doesn't match my jogging speed it's somehow relaxing. This is the time I am at perfect ease. It's pretty dark and no one sees each other's face except where they cross the dimly lit patches. This is my "me" time.

Because sometimes the path is the greatest listener.
I usually think about the day, my actions and have the deepest introspection.

This is the time when I am aware of my every step and life seems bearable even lovable to most extent. At other times I use the aid of music to get away from people, situations and also my own self and thoughts. But this stretch of time is different. Here the music isn't a means to be oblivious to the world around me rather it makes me more aware.

And in that time I wonder maybe all this adds up to something. The long hours of jog, the useless days of exam preparation which im flunking for sure, the hours of writing drafts in my blog, the senseless chats on my phone, the never ending questions of sex and the existence of a God, the meaningless jokes, the decisions as to whether I should bathe, or shave or not, quoting lyrics in a conversation, My narcissistic approach towards everything, My ignorance revenge to people's ignorance towards me, impatience, Tight hugs and the small peck on the cheek. Maybe all this is who I am. And this is the time when I happen to love who I am, and for people to accept, how I am.

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