Monday, April 8, 2013


Lessons learnt over the past two months:

# Failures hit you in the face when you least expect it.
# Sometimes your hundred per cent is nature's fifty.
# You might know you are better, smarter and more confident than everybody in your vicinity but you don't need to show and flaunt that 24x7.
# Sometimes acting gawaar is the only way to survive.
# Your channel of thought makes you who you are.
# Most of the times people you trust the most let you down.
# Sometimes people may mean everything to you yet they can't replace the one's who were important to you before also YOUR FAMILY.
# Writing a blog on someone's request is a bad idea, when you dont have time.
# What people think and what people say they think are two different things.
# Never confess anything without cross questioning yourself atleast a thousand times about its consequences
# A hug and a chai solve every problem in this world.
# You have clothes, you have food and you have shelter. If there is a God he needs to be thanked every bloody day.
# dont throw " I love you's " at someone, if that someone is pushed away by it
# Nobody waits for you, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, one day everyone is going to move on.
# The no. of friends on facebook is inversely proportional to the no. of friends you have in real life.
# The most intriguing question you can ask yourself is "Why the fuck ME?"
# The definition of happiness varies from person to person.


  1. #shuklaji correction in Sabakk #11 it should have been "A hug and a CUTTING chai solve every problem in this world."

    1. I just luv u for reading it ... even when ur not around. i love U

  2. wheneva i feel low...i do read ur blog...dat mks me feel betr n also things get back to nrml...n yeah i love you too..:*:D