Sunday, February 23, 2014


Lazy Sunday Evening. Eat. Sleep. Browse. Repeat. Minus the Homework, that I was pushing ahead like a 6 month baby trying to push the bathroom door, coz he doesn't want to poop in the diaper, it was an Ideal weekend. *bliss* . Cheese balls on my left, Cold beverage on my right, and the laptop on my bare hairy belly(Please Note: I’m Not Single. I am not Jay Baruchel. I have a very stunning girlfriend. This occurs very seldom, and I was just trying my best to perpetuate a lazy and clumsy stereotype weekend) . My cheesy bathed fingers move above the keyboard like some electrostatic force repelling it to touch, but in fact they were looking for the first letter to punch in, so I could commence with the scripting of story I’ve been thinking about for a while, on Vuvuzela Horns.  
This powerless charade would go on for a few minutes. Then, The explorer Dora in me changes tabs and jumps in the internet pool to catch up on what’s up in the brisk functional world, we live in. Looking at the mourning status updates and tweets on the non-operating WhatsApp last night for a few SLEEPING hours, made everyone look like Jayshree Ben, The Gujju Gossip Empress. Who bitched about one social medium, on another social platform, without considering the fact that the latter NOW owns this social medium, everyone’s bitching about. Then, I updated myself with some EPL Facts and Parody Videos, so I could indulge in public forums and look like an intellect SOB. I now repeat my hideous finger flirting with the keyboard again, with respect to my Vuvuzela story. Its always the initiation of a post or a story that’s annoying and tedious, coz it gives you a projectile you’re supposed to flow with, with your entire story. It started to get really boring and monotonous and mundane, like HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. I opened my Documents folder, to go through my previous drafts, where I saw this post. The LAST Blogpost, that I had written named “Everyday is my Mother’s Day”.  I read it with an involuntary smile on my face, that was growing with the continuation of the post.  I wrote this on Mother’s day last year. Since then, a lot had happened. I swapped to Mass Media after 3 years of engineered torture. A collapse that led to a Jaw Fracture and broken teeth, that still remains. My curriculum, My Work as a screenplay writer, My treatment, My relationship and above all PROCRASTINATION kept me away from Blogging.
 I opened my blog immediately, and started going through all my posts today. The initial ones were so embarrassing. I felt how Sylvester Stallone and Jackie Chan must have felt about their career, that started off with pornography . I was going to delete the previous posts, but then I stopped as it projected a certain graph of my performance as a writer. Also, Its always necessary to look at the rear view mirror, when you’re heading ahead. Who knows you might just need a detour. 

With a promise to consistently blog henceforth.. Im bringing Sexy Back

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